Gingrey Introduces Union Bill Combating Big Labor

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Washington, Feb 9, 2011 | Elizabeth Ezzell (202-225-2931) | comments

Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA) today issued the following statement after introducing H.R. 548, Restoring Democracy in the Workplace Act, a bill to repeal a rule promulgated by the National Mediation Board allowing unions to organize railway and airline industries with less than a majority of employees voting in favor of representation.

“It is imperative that employees retain their democratic rights in the workplace when deciding whether or not to unionize, and the National Mediation Board’s rule allowing a minority of employees to decide the fate of representation elections is inherently undemocratic,” Gingrey said.

“The rule imposed by the NMB is nothing short of a political gimmick to circumvent the legislative process and enact meritless, big labor priorities through an unelected three person panel,” Gingrey continued. “Their move to radically alter these rules without any necessary reason for doing so is clearly arbitrary and motivated by the demands of big labor.”

The previous rule had been in place for over 75 yearswithstanding four separate votes by the NMB under Republican and Democratic Administrations to change it­ – and has been upheld twice by the Supreme Court.


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