Rep. Gingrey observes Georgia's 2013 "Master Teachers"

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Washington, D.C., Jun 25, 2013 | Jen Talaber (202.225.2931) | comments

Congressman Gingrey today gave the following remarks to congratulate the 2013 Georgia Master Teacher certification recipients from the 11th District. 

  • Angela Rubel - Cherokee County
  • Lisa Green - Cobb County
  • Michelle Chamberlin - Marietta City
  • Chad Christman - Marietta City
  • Teresa Hutto - Marietta City
  • Cara Hain - Fulton County
  • Lindsey Tovrog - Fulton County
  • "Congratulations on being named one of Georgia’s 2013 “Master Teachers.” As one of our great state’s top educators, the Georgia Professional Standards Commission ranked your students amongst the highest in the state for their progress, in testament to your exemplary professional standards.

    This certification reflects the passion you have showed for academic achievement which has undoubtedly influenced your students’ positive growth. The example you have set will continue to resonate with them throughout their lives. Your hard work and dedication to providing the tools needed to succeed in School are an example to us all.

    As a member of this distinguished group, you will help guide dialogue on how to improve Georgia’s education practices. It is of the utmost importance that Georgia maintains the ability to attract jobs and opportunity. Educating tomorrow’s workforce is a major component of that, and your knowledge gives you a strong voice for future generations of Georgians.

    Again, congratulations on your new certification as a “Master Teacher.” On behalf of Georgia’s 11th Congressional District, I extend my deepest thanks for the invaluable work that you do, and the integrity with which you serve the youth of our community."

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