Gingrey bill safeguards doctor-patient relationship, quality of care

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Washington, D.C. , Jul 25, 2013 | Jen Talaber (202.225.2931) | comments

Rep. Phil Gingrey, M.D., today reintroduced legislation to protect the physician-patient relationship, threatened by a provision of Obamcare. The bill, Safeguarding Care of Patients Everywhere (SCOPE) Act, reverses a portion of section 1311(h), which allows the Health and Human Services Secretary to determine whether a doctor is providing “quality health care measures.” Based on that finding, these few lines empower the Secretary to cancel a physician’s health insurance provider policy, effectively forcing him or her out of practice.


“This rule places another unelected bureaucrat in the middle of patients’ health care decisions. It violates the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, as physicians are trained to treat patients individually and not with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Someone who isn’t bound by the Hippocratic Oath, isn’t required to have medical expertise, and isn’t held accountable by medical societies has no business diagnosing patients. The SCOPE Act keeps medical decisions where they belong—in the hands of patients and their physicians—not the federal government.”


The Safeguarding Care of Patients Everywhere (SCOPE) Act repeals this regulation, protecting patients’ access to their medical providers and ensuring physicians may continue treating individuals as they deem necessary. The SCOPE Act continues to hold physicians accountable to their state licensing boards, insurance companies and professional groups, without intrusion by federal bureaucrats.



Read more about the SCOPE Act here.

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