Gingrey on Tax Day: “Protect your paycheck from a tax-happy Congress – Pass the Fair Tax”

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Washington, Apr 17, 2007 | Becky Ruby ((202) 225-2931) | comments

U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey today made the following comments on Tax Day:

“In 2007, Americans will spend more on taxes than on food, clothing and housing combined.  Sadly, things are about to get worse. The House’s new Democrat majority has already passed the largest tax increase in American history, slapping Georgia workers with a $2,700 tax hike per person in 2011. 

“Protecting our paychecks may not be a priority for Democrat leaders, but it is a top priority for the American people. We need to fundamentally change our tax system so reforms can’t be undone by Congressional majorities more interested in big government than small taxes.  For this reason, I strongly support the Fair Tax. 

“The Fair Tax does away with the IRS altogether, and creates a national consumption tax in its place.   This would drastically reduce taxes on lower- and middle- income families, and encourage innovation and economic growth.  Under our current system, the harder you work, the more you’re taxed. We actually penalize success. Conversely, under the Fair Tax, the items you purchase – not the income you make – determines your tax bill each year.

“America was built by sweat and labor. It’s time our tax code stopped penalizing hard work.”

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