Gingrey on Senate Immigration bill: “It simply does not pass the test”

House Republicans overwhelmingly vote to oppose Senate legislation

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Washington, Jun 27, 2007 | Becky Ruby ((202) 225-2931) | comments

U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey today made the following remarks regarding a resolution opposing the Senate immigration bill that was overwhelmingly adopted by the House Republican Conference this week:

“As the Senate continues debating their misguided immigration bill, House Republicans have made it clear that we will not waiver from our principles of reform.  Any legislation we enact must uphold the rule of law, secure our borders and benefit the American people and economy.  The Senate bill simply does not pass the test.  After examining the legislation and its 24 likely amendments, I can not foresee a responsible piece of legislation emerging which I could support. 

“Immigration reform is a top priority for this Congress, but the only thing worse than inaction would be taking hasty action that does not truly address the problems of our current system.  In 1986, Congress passed a terrible amnesty bill that was hailed as the solution to our illegal immigration problem.  It only takes a quick glance around Georgia to realize the ’86 bill was a complete failure.  The Senate should heed the lessons of that mistake; sadly, their current bill replicates it instead.”  

The House Republican Conference passed a resolution in firm opposition to the Senate immigration bill by a vote of 114 to 23.

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